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Platinum and Gold Jewellery

Caring for Your Gemstone Jewellery | A Lawrence Jewellery Guide

The precious materials used in Lawrence Jewellery designs require specific care to ensure they continue to look beautiful for many years to come. If, after reading our how-to guides, you are still unsure of any aspect of caring for your Lawrence Jewellery product, please contact us directly and we will be happy to advise.


How to store

All gemstones are very precious and you must protect them by avoiding contact with abrasive surfaces and impact against hard surfaces. It is best to store gemstones separately, ideally in their original box or in a soft fabric pouch.

Handling your precious jewellery

If carrying our hard labour work, we advise taking off your jewellery to protect your gemstones.


How to clean

To clean your gemstones, it is best to use a soft, lint-free cloth. However, soap, water and liquid cleaners must not be used on certain gemstones, so it is best to contact our Client Care team if you are unsure. Please also avoid harsh chemicals coming into contact with your gemstones as this may dull the stone and cause erosion.

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